Amnesty Scheme-2023

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Settlement Act-2023 (English)-

Settlement Act-2023 (Marathi)-

Order under section 19(2) of the Settlement Act, 2023.

1) e-forms for making an application under Amnesty 2023
a) Form-I-V-1.0.001 (Application for Statutory Order dues)

b) Form-IA-V-1.0.001 (Application for return/revised return dues, dues as per
Form-704 etc. (Other than Statutory Order dues

2) Manuals and Procedures
a) User manual for online application filling under Amnesty scheme 2023

 b) User manual for Profile creation

3) FAQ Regarding Filing of Amnesty_2023 Application and Uploading

4) Amnesty Scheme 2023 Payment

5) Amnesty 2023 – Installment Payment

6) Dedicated Location-Wise Helpdesks for Amnesty Scheme-2023.

7) Mazgaon_MTNL_Bandra_Officers sitting arrangement

8) Amnesty scheme-2023 waiver orders