अभय योजना २०१९ संदर्भातील महत्वाच्या सूचना.

1.   Following categories of identified taxpayer may file Amnesty application in First Phase. The list of such taxpayers is published in 'Whats New' section of MGSTD Portal:

(a) The identified Taxpayers who have made the payments for the purpose of Settlement of arrears on or before 31st July 2019 till 00.00 hrs. but failed to submit the application and

(b) The identified Taxpayers who have attempted to make the payment for the purpose of settlement of arrears as on 31st July 2019 till 00.00 hrs, but payment remained unsuccessful.

2.   Also the facility in respect of Second Phase has also been rolled out. All the taxpayers who desires to avail the benefits as per the Second Phase of the Amnesty may file application in Form-I or Form-IA on or before the 31st August 2019.

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